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Brand Identity

A major step in the making of a brand, the brand identity is giving your brand personality in order to ease the appropriation by its audience.

/ Showreel identité de marque

The glitters do make the gold

/ Shine bright

After all your identity must be a beacon for your community. You have to be recognizable within the mediatic flux. Being noticeable will also strengthen your community’s loyalty which is definitely key nowadays.

Logotype - Hestia Accounting
Logotype - Hôtel Croix Baragnon
Apps Logomark - I'd like and PegaseBuzz
/ All the way

We design your brand identity to be powerful once deployed everywhere, from your app to your website or on your social media. Having a professionally crafted identity will make your headache goes away when you want to use it on any new medium.

Stand out to the eyes of your customers

/ Our approach

Our obsessive approach in efficient branding led us to create identities that speaks for themselves. Based on what you do, we emphasize your core values to build a brand made of your personality, strengths and ambitions.

Logotype and packaging - Mon Burger
Logo and identity - Babili