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Our Way

We are committed to the growth of your business. It can be from the very beginning when it all starts, a boost to help you grow or even for a specific helping hand right when you need it.

/ From friends to associate

Long story short, we met at the start of our studies, we’ve become buddies and we started DOT once we’ve graduated. This was 10 years ago.

With the growth of DOT since 2015, our skills and expertises grew alongside of our friendship to build a reliable business. For us it is essential to share that bond throughout each collaboration. Each one’s experiences, tastes and aspirations led us to what we are and what we invision for each of our clients.

Enlarge your business!

/ How we like to work

We like to talk first to understand your business, your needs and expectations. Once the problem has been diagnosed we move forward by working closely with you.

Going back and forth, we think, construct, deconstruct and iterate to find the best strategy to adopt and insure a compelling result. According to our agreed strategy, we create forward-thinking content that serves your business goals.

It’s important for us to create and share those values with our team, clients and partners.

Just below, you’ll find our "cornerstones" to build a strong and efficient brand strategy. Our approach will result in a global business ecosystem for you to build customer loyalty.

/ Diagnosis

We sit down together to understand what defines your business, through your ambitions and your vision with in-depth research to focus on your essential DNA.

We fully diagnose before prescribing
/ Strategy

We eagerly put all of our brain cells into planning a purpose-built strategy, with creative ideation to make it viable.

We design your growth.
/ Content

While staying on track with your strategy we craft original, high end content impossible to ignore. Content that your brand needs to engage your audience : identity, motion graphics video, websites, social media posts.

We deliver to your brand the tools to be understood.
/ Deployment

We won’t let you down when you’ll need to spread the word to your audience. With a clear understanding of your goals we deploy your unique content to better reach your community.

We hook up your brand to your community.
/ Evolve

Achieving your business goal or even just running your business needs a permanent adaptation in a perpetual changing world. Thus, we’re here to support your brand in the long run by being flexible and adapting to any situation.

We back you up on the long term.